Cara Benevenia X Madeline Marie; A Love Affair

Cara Benevenia X Madeline Marie; A Love Affair

"Dear Friends,

I am thrilled to introduce you to our first creative project of the year, Cara Benevenia X Madeline Marie; A Love Affair.  This editorial campaign of show-stopping silhouettes, vibrant colors, and lively, feel-good imagery tells the story of two young designers turned close friends.  Slow, homegrown fashion is given new life with Madeline's handmade dresses in vintage fabrics and ethereal silhouettes and Cara Benevenia's graphic hand-woven leather handbags.

Madeline and I connected through a shared passion of designing with a deep sense of pride in our work, our stories, and in preserving the hand-made nature of wearable fashion that last a lifetime.  Deciding to pursue a collaborative editorial campaign was the most natural next step, born out of our mutual passion for storytelling and desire to inspire unity, joy, and new beginnings in each other not only as designers, but as newfound friends.

I truly hope that Cara Benevenia X Madeline Marie: A Love Affair provides you with a deeper appreciation of slow, handmade fashion, and inspires you to fearlessly pursue closeness with new friends and passions in 2023.

XO, Cara"

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