Lets Go Seasonless

Lets Go Seasonless

To My Dearest Dress Lovers,

For many many years, I have written dozens upon dozens of stories about fashion and the thoughts that fill my mind each and every day. For a long time I have longed to share these stories of fashion, dress-making, and living in New York City: Today I have finally decided to share my first story.

Seasonless by Madeline Marie is centered around designing dresses that can be worn year-round and creating a lifestyle where the only thing that changes by season is the color. This idea of not carrying seasons is a dream and goal I have been working on for many years now, but it does not happen overnight. It is an evolution of my design process and the hopes and dreams I have for my brand. In fashion, color evokes a feeling unlike any other. When you see the colors and textures start shifting in the way people dress, it is very similar to earth and our surroundings changing by Season. In Fall, we see orange, green, red, and yellow, the colors of leaves turning and the feeling of coziness that is soon to come. In winter we feel the bold colors of white, red, blue, and black that consume our minds with the warm fires, holidays, and dark starry nights. In Spring I picture pastels: yellow, lavender, and blue. We see the first bloom of tulips and bright colors that symbolize we have made it out of the winter. And come the summer our mind gravitates to wearing a dress every. single. day. just kidding that's only me. In the summer we think of pinks, greens, and colors that make us feel the joy and warmth of the long summer days. These specific seasonal colors are typically connected to the many emotions, feelings and memories we have attached to each season. I want these feelings to be evoked year-round by the pretty dresses that fill my (and your) closet. I want to have pieces that can live in my closet all year like they help pay rent. 

Seasonless by Madeline Marie is the movement to take the season out of fashion.

We are always looking to what’s next; whether it be in our lives, in our work, or of course, in fashion. What’s the next season? What’s the next trend? I want to reel in this mindset and begin living in the now. What do I want to wear at this moment? What do I feel best in now? Always feeling like you are behind in life and work is something that you cannot always control, but in fashion, you can control it. Let’s create a wardrobe together that can be utilized year-round.

My new designs will be seasonless and effortless yet they will still maintain an over-the-top look. My looks will give the sense that you just woke up and threw them on, but still, look insanely stunning. I want my looks to feel like a comfy sack on but look like a Dior sack.

As always, I will be creating custom dresses. I feel so passionately about this business model because I want each and every customer to feel so in touch with their purchase because they picked out each and every aspect of their custom dress from the sleeves, to the chest details, to the fabric to the size. It’s those personal touches that make these pieces timeless and forever.

I want my pieces to live in my customers’ closets for years to come in hopes that one day it will be vintage.

But for now, lets cheers to the era of seasonlessness in Madeline Marie dresses. Enjoy the now, the present and all the beautiful wonders life has to offer right in this very moment.

All my love,

Madeline Marie


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Your talent and style is one of a kind! I adore everything! Best to you always. Never stop dreaming, Madeline Marie. ❤️

Nancy Morton

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