To My Dearest Dress Lovers,


New York Fashion Week 2023 is finally among us. I cannot wait to present to you all that I have been working on over the past few years. For the first time in the history of Madeline Marie I present ready to wear pieces that each hold a special meaning. From the start, Madeline Marie has always been a bespoke dress line, but today I share the ready to wear design of New York Fashion Week 2023. From the style, to the fabric, to the inspiration, I have created a line of dresses all unique from one another using textiles from all over. These dresses have been in my mind and have lived in my sketch book for some time now and I finally have the opportunity to bring them to life. These dresses are thought up while I am walking the streets of NYC, traveling the world, working on photoshoots, laughing with my best friends, and of course while my head spins in a day dream. Each unique dress tells its own story as it was designed, but the best stories are those that you all live out while wearing these dresses!



Madeline Marie  


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